Johnny Loe

Johnny Loe was born on February 14, 1962, in Vaughn, New Mexico to Maria (Ellena Herrera) Quezada and Edward Loe Jr. Johnny went to be with our Heavenly Father on May 11, 2022, after an incredibly strong and courageous battle with cancer. Johnny was a loving father, grandfather, father-in-law, son, brother, cousin, and friend. Johnny was surrounded by his family throughout his illness and at the time of his passing.

Johnny was the most kindhearted, caring, loving, and free-spirited person someone could ever meet. Throughout his life, Johnny would give anyone the shirt off of his back if he believed someone needed it more than he did. Johnny was known to proactively offer help to anyone in need. Johnny loved everyone and would engage strangers in a conversation. Johnny was strong, kind, and respectful of everyone he encountered. Throughout his brief, but brutal, battle with cancer, Johnny was known to be the “favorite patient” of his nurses, chaplains, and physicians who treated him. Johnny kept up his hope, sense of humor, and faith throughout his illness. Johnny’s biggest concern wasn’t for his own welfare, but rather his concern was not being present to care for the woman he considered his “wife,” his life partner of 32 years, Rose.

Johnny spent a lot of his childhood years lovingly raised by his maternal grandparents, where he was surrounded by his siblings and cousins who adored him or laughed with him. Johnny was known as a “kid at heart” and the “life of the party” throughout his lifetime, including through his battle with cancer. He enjoyed pretending he was peacefully sleeping in the hospital and then completing a “jump scare” by yelling “AHHHHH!” and making big sudden moves to get a reaction out of people while laughing. No one was immune from his antics, including his friends, family, and medical staff.

In early 1990, Johnny met the woman he would spend his life with, Rose Apodaca-Foster. Rose already had two children, Heather (then age 13) and James (then age 11), whom Johnny called his daughter and son for the rest of his life. Johnny never used the words “step” to describe the children who did not share his DNA, he humbly stepped in and fulfilled the role of “dad” unassumingly. Johnny and Rose completed their family with the birth of their son, Domenic Loe a short time later in 1991. Johnny was thrilled to have a son of his own and Domenic became the subject of Johnny’s adoration. After a search for answers in the early 1990’s, Johnny was reunited with his biological father, Edward Loe, and his stepmom, Laura, who lived in Minnesota. Both lovingly and immediately accepted Johnny as a son and shared a relationship for their remaining years.

To all who knew Johnny, Johnny was known for his wild antics of being a jokester, his made-up words, being lighthearted, jumping up on the table at formal events and doing the splits, saying the wildest things, and acting like “one of the kids.” Johnny was a patient and kind man who believed in God and had incredible patience – teaching his sons how to work on cars, teaching his kids how to drive, giving his daughter away at her wedding, and enjoying playing or spending time with his 10+ grandchildren for hours from babies to age 23. “Papa Johnny” was incredibly loved by all 10 of his current grandchildren and was surrounded by them during his illness.

Johnny is survived by his life partner, Rose Marie Apodaca-Foster; daughter, Heather Richardson (Chris); sons James Foster (Denise) and Domenic Loe (Bre); and grandchildren: Austin (Eden), Aspen (Austin), Jay, Alayna, Kai, Lystan (Jonathan), Alex, Amber, Natalie, Scarlett, and a new addition expected in August 2022 to Domenic’s family. Johnny is also survived by his siblings Mario, Rosa, and Angelica, in addition to his aunts, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Johnny is preceded in death by his parents Maria, Edward, and stepmom Laura; grandson Logan; as well as his grandparents, aunts, and cousins.

Two celebrations of life will be held. One will be hosted by Rose for their family friends and neighbors at a date to be determined. Rose can be contacted at 725-724-7588 for details. Another will be hosted by Heather on June 18, 2022. Please contact Heather at 702-572-7857 for details. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that any donations/gifts be made to Rose to assist her with life after this tremendous loss.

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  • Heather Richardson
    May 26, 2022 7:39 pm

    My dear “chosen dad” Johnny will be terribly missed by me and all 5 of my children. Our time together was nearly my entire lifetime, while also being too incredibly short. I’m so proud of how my “dad” handled his diagnosis, even through the times he struggled, he kept a good attitude. My dad stepped up to care for me when he didn’t have to. When he called upon me to care for him at the end of his life, the only answer was yes. Our time together was a priceless gift that for many years I took for granted, believing the man that was full of life was immortal. Our time with him after his cancer diagnosis was far too brief. Though he was suffering, he never complained. I will miss him forevermore and this loss has hurt me down to my soul. The gaping wound feels as though it’ll never heal. I know one day I’ll see him again when we’re reunited in heaven with our Heavenly Father. While his wings were ready, our hearts will never be. I love you. Thank you for being the dad you didn’t have to be.

  • That is a really beautiful obituary. We all loved papa Johnny so much! He was definitely the life of the party anywhere we went. My favorite moments with him is when we would search for papa Johnny because we knew he was asleep somewhere. He always called me a “crybaby” and “fat”. I used to get so hurt about it back then when I was younger, but then realized that I could fight back and say the same things to him LOL. He will always be remembered by his funny jokes and amazing food! I loved when he would take me to 7-11 or simply watch me and my brother play outside with our neighborhood friends. Although it wasn’t easy, he knew that he was loved by everyone around him. He has always been a fighter and he fought cancer long and hard. We all love you grandpa ! ❤️

  • Renee silva
    May 26, 2022 8:03 pm

    Rest In Peace tio we all loves you so much now your with my mom tia Gloria & tia Shirley and papa & my tio and tias always in our hearts never forgotten love always your niece Renee’

  • Mario Herrera
    May 26, 2022 10:11 pm

    Brother my heart is so broken you lifted me to soon I’ll be with you some day I cry for you every day I love you and I will see you again love you

    • Heather Richardson
      May 28, 2022 6:13 am

      Mario, know that your brother DID know you loved him! I loved listening to your emotional talks in his final days as he was sick. You lifted him. He finally let go of all of his suffering literally while you were on the phone, after he heard you tell him you loved him and it was okay to let go. He finally looked peaceful after months of hell. ❤️ Thank you for loving him enough as his big brother to give him the courage to let go of his fear of letting go of his earthly body to join his grandparents, be reunited with his 3 parents, his baby grandson, and both of my mother-in-laws Patti & Karen who he had been friends with for 30 & 15 years. I miss him so much, but the new family relationships I’ve received give me strength.

  • Sha’Londa Greene
    May 28, 2022 11:54 am

    To the family… My you feel Gods arms wrapped you so tightly. It been 14 months since my Mother went on to be with the Lord; she battled mastestic breast cancer (3rd time around) so my heart feels yours. As you go through todays reality…This is what I have learned… if one day at a time seems too much, then take one minute at a time. If one minute at a time seems too much, then take one second at a time. If one second at a time seems too much, then take one second at a time. Even though Mr. Johnny will be missed here on this earth, the memories never go away. Such a Godly, delightful spirit Mr. Johnny had. Now he’s rejoicing and will now be watching down from Heaven smiling. Well done family, your care and love meant the world to Mr. Johnny. Stay Blessed and Remember to continue to keep sharing Mr. Johnnys traditions..God bless you all

  • Heather Richardson
    June 2, 2022 9:04 pm

    Thank you Sha’Londa. I appreciate you so much. Thank you for leaving such a kind message. My dad had incredible faith in our Lord. I know he’s with Him now, wrapped in his arms.

  • Amanda Megan
    June 26, 2022 9:34 pm

    The last time I seen you… you asked why I never called you uncle…. well to your surprise and
    Auntie roses I proceeded to call you uncle since then. I’ll never forget that smile when I did. I’m sorry for being a hard butt to you. But someone had to give you a hard time. 🙂 I love you uncle Johnny and you will be missed always.


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