Lesley Eileen Yencer

Lesley Eileen Yencer (also known as Leslie Scott and Nancy Scott), of Las Vegas Nevada, Clark County, passed away on September 12th, 2021 at Oakey Assisted Living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lesley succumbed peacefully after a months-long battle with cancer.

Lesley was the eldest child of four children of Walter M. Scott and Irene (Jarusel) Scott of Hillsborough, California. Lesley was born in the Bay Area of California on December 27th 1946. She has lived in Las Vegas for over twenty years where she worked as an independent sub-contractor for various financial companies.

There is—upon instructions of the decedent—to be no funeral or memorial service. Simple cremation and scattering of ashes mountainside near Las Vegas is the form of disposition of her ashes.

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