Linda Bingham

Linda Sue (Grover) (Bangston) Bingham was a caring wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend. She passed away July 30, 2021 after a long decline in her health and well being. She was born to Calvin and Tina Grover September 29, 1943. She is survived by her three daughters, Kristina Bengtsson, Kelly Smith, and Suzy Andrade, her six grandchildren, Carleigh Van Allen, Isabeau Hansen, Rex McKowan, Jackleen Andrade, Javier Andrade, and Levi Andrade, and her three great-grandchildren Ode Steenblik, Holden Steenblik, Rosemary McKowan.  She is survived by five of her six siblings, Sharel Hayes (passed), Bob(and Mary) Grover, Sheila (and Norm) Bird, Coleen (and Paul) Van Patten, Cindy (and John) Sowards, Lynn (and Sue) Grover and their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Linda loved to spend time with family and friends. She always made time to listen to other people’s concerns. She felt she had a special gift to comfort people when they were sad or lonely. She also spent her time singing and playing her favorite music on her piano and her embroidery was as beautiful on the back as it was on the front.  She will be missed. We send her on her way with love and caring.

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