Robert George Holbrook

Robert “Bob” George Holbrook passed away in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 10, 2020.

He is survived by his fiance, Deanna Pavich, daughter Theresa Born, and grandchildren David Branson, Melanie Born, and Joseph Born.

Bob had a special, unwavering connection to God. He would even go as far as to debate logically and philosophically with his pastors as he was growing up.

He worked as an IT Professional and was a member of Central Church, Toastmasters, Promise Keepers, and many other community efforts.

Bob had special connections with all of his pets, but did not like snakes!

He had compassion for all mankind but no tolerance for stupidity. He felt honesty was not only the best policy, but the only policy. He worked hard to overcome challenges and pushed his loved ones to do the same.

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