Many people make it known to their families that they would like to have their ashes scattered in a special place. Some find comfort in knowing they will return to nature, perhaps in a region where they enjoyed hiking or fishing. Family members will sometimes decide to scatter a loved one’s ashes because they do not want an urn present in the family home as a constant reminder of loss.

In order to scatter cremains safely and legally, many families have questions — while there is no national law against scattering ashes, there are rules and regulations on the federal, state and local levels, as well as common practice guidelines to follow. A permit may be required if the area is in a national park, federally managed land, private property or a body of water.

Simple Cremation can help ease the burden. We have access to private land in a picturesque part of Southern Utah’s natural landscape, lush with wildflowers and surrounded by tall mountains where we can scatter your loved one’s ashes for you. You will receive a customized video showing your loved one’s ashes being scattered accompanied by a message of your choosing.

If you’re interested, fill out the interest form and submit it. A Simple Cremation representative will reach out to you.

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This service is available to anyone who would like to scatter a loved one’s remains, regardless of where the cremation services were purchased.

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