What are the advantages of using Cremation?

Every day, more people are finding that cremation is an option that just makes sense.

A traditional funeral often costs more than $10,000, burdening you with the additional costs of a casket, a cemetery plot, a vault, and a headstone.

At Simple Cremation our plan starts at just $899.

Choosing cremation gives you more flexibility for memorial services. There is no immediate rush to have everyone gather. This allows you to schedule a service at a time and place that is convenient for everyone who will be attending.

Choosing cremation is a smart environmental choice. It requires no harmful chemicals or plastics such as those used in the embalming process. Cremation is also less wasteful since no casket or space in the ground is required. And unlike a burial, cremation does not require constant grounds maintenance.

Cremation provides many more final options. Ashes can be buried, placed in a niche, scattered in one or multiple locations, kept at home, divided among children, or even made into jewelry.


What our customers are saying

We are so glad we chose Simple Cremation because they absolutely exceeded our expectations. The whole process was very smooth and compassionate all throughout. Richard was very helpful and understanding of our needs during paper work process. And then on the day of witness cremation we were met personally by the business owner. She was so lovely and caring explaining to us what was going to happen and taking us to the room with our late father’s body. I was amazed at how well he looked and was in such peace. They took such a great care of his body that the last image of him lying there so peacefully would stay with us for the rest of our lives. Thank you Simple Cremation so much for making this experience a wonderful one for us.

Tina Chipeta

From beginning to end, everyone was very helpful. Very satisfied. Will always recommend Simple Cremation in the future.

Maria Goetting

My mother passed away recently and her wish was to be cremated. I chose Simple Cremation after reading the reviews. I’m so glad I did. I was treated with kindness from the minute I walked in the door. Very supportive and caring staff.

Sheral Barron

My father passed away unexpectedly with no arrangements prepared. He was a simple man who would never want his family to go into debt for a funeral. After briefly shopping around, I found Simple Cremations on Yelp and my husband gave them a call for pricing and information on the process. They were very helpful and made the process very easy. The pricing was reasonable- especially compared to other places. There was no rush for a 3 day cremation and the process did take a couple weeks, from start to the delivery of the ashes, but that was ok with me and my family. Catherine was extremely helpful and informative, she did not try to make my mother and I feel bad about choosing the most economical package and she was very professional. I would definitely recommend their services for anyone looking for a no fuss cremation.


Vanessa Nguyen

It’s very difficult to make arrangements for loved ones. Simple Cremation offered different options and they are very kind, compassionate and professional.

Sunshine Hall

Very caring and they responded right away when my mom passed. Highly recommended!

Joanne Leib

Difficult time of my life, Simple Cremation made everything easy. They were thoughtful and guided me in the steps I needed to do after my husband’s passing. Very professional, kind staff.

Leslie LaGuardia

They were absolutely wonderful! I live on the East Coast and they walked me through the process and assisted me with my paperwork via phone and email. Everything was taken care of within the time frame they set out. What was also amazing was how reasonable their pricing was compared to many other establishments in the area. They went out of their way to help ease my grief rather than add to it.

Laura Johnson

Everyone was compassionate and incredible. Top notch and amazing service in every possible way.

Raquel Rusu

Bryce and Bryant are the best. Caring and always there for me and attentive to my needs. I recommend Simple Cremation.
Thank you gentlemen.

Nancy Libonati