What are the advantages of using Cremation?

Every day, more people are finding that cremation is an option that just makes sense.

A traditional funeral often costs more than $10,000, burdening you with the additional costs of a casket, a cemetery plot, a vault, and a headstone.

At Simple Cremation our plan starts at just $699.

Choosing cremation gives you more flexibility for memorial services. There is no immediate rush to have everyone gather. This allows you to schedule a service at a time and place that is convenient for everyone who will be attending.

Choosing cremation is a smart environmental choice. It requires no harmful chemicals or plastics such as those used in the embalming process. Cremation is also less wasteful since no casket or space in the ground is required. And unlike a burial, cremation does not require constant grounds maintenance.

Cremation provides many more final options. Ashes can be buried, placed in a niche, scattered in one or multiple locations, kept at home, divided among children, or even made into jewelry.


What our customers are saying

Simple cremation made the process of my son Buddy’s cremation as painless as possible. Both the ladies in this office took care of everything and removed the burden from my shoulders. I was extremely blessed to have their support during that time. I recommend them to anyone that I know is dealing with a death. Thank you!

Jill Sweet

Exceptional customer service. My mom’s death was a terrible blow. Simple Cremation’s staff was amazing. They were efficient, prompt and empathetic listeners as I dealt with the decisions that had to be made. I didn’t have my certificate of incumbency notarized yet so I had to pay out of my own pocket for all expenses. The rates were absolutely affordable. I definitely recommend this company for funeral and memorial services/keepsakes.

Julie Fogg

I cannot thank Simple Cremation enough. Professional and straightforward and still very supportive and caring about losing a loved one. I went through three other places before finding them. Each which either offered me things I didn’t want or others that tried to charge me up to $1,000 more just for paperwork. Simple Cremation gave me prices on their services and when I told them which I wanted, they went ahead without any attempt at up-selling. The process was explained to me from start to finish and they always answered when I called with a question. They let me grieve instead of stress and I will always be so appreciative of them and the way they conduct their business. It’s a emotional time when you need their service, and they don’t take advantage of that fact. I cannot recommend them enough.

Tracy Z

Thank you Simple Cremation for your incredible customer service and the kindness you showed to my family!

Natalie Kelley

My husband, Harry S. Field passed away on September 29th, 2017. A kind and caring hospital person recommended Simple Cremation to me as I had no idea who to call for Harry’s cremation. I called the evening before he died and gave the young lady the info that she needed and assured me that a company person would be there after Harry died. Simple Cremation was there promptly after he died and the gentleman gave me Ed Rodriquez’s number and also said he would call. Ed called promptly. He was the most wonderful and caring person that helped us with details connected to the cremation. He did not rush us, was meticulous in his paperwork. But it was his empathetic manner that stood out! Ed is a one of a kind person who truly cares about his work and being there fully for the grieving family. He was like a special angel sent to us to soothe our grief. The impression he left upon me and afterward when I picked up Harry’s ashes was remarkable and commendable. His kind words of wisdom in regard to my husband and his passing, are words I shall treasure always and take to heart. Thank you, Ed…you are truly a gift to the grieving!

Tsvi Rozenkranzt