I have only the very best things to say about my experience with you all at Simple Cremations starting August 5th 2022. I am so glad I chose you,. At that kind of time, when everything is a turbulent emotional blur and, without earlier planning, you don’t know which way to turn, I am so glad I turned to you all at Simple Cremations. Your sincere and professional help made a *huge* difference in my ability to handle everything else. Heather was there for me completely and willing to explain everything and answer all my unfocused questions and confusion when the hospice folks were pressing me hard to give them the details for “final arrangements”. Thank also for your willingness to so easily and kindly change the pickup/shipping arrangement almost a month later. You even made the final pickup a human kind of event. God bless you all. I will never forget your honest kindness and support. I would totally and completely recommend your service to anyone who would ask.